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Every minute of every day somewhere in the UK private spies are illegally monitoring the activities of individuals and/or business organisations. These nefarious individuals are adept at collecting personal and business data via the use of sophisticated, easy to acquire, electronic equipment, such as car trackers and eavesdropping gadgets (bugs) which can be covertly installed into vehicles, residential and business premises.  Even landline and mobile phones are open to interception and some perpetrators are also experts in hacking and tracking a target's every move.

Who is at risk?

The answer is anyone! but those particularly at risk are:

Business men and women

Partners and spouses involved in legal or relationship difficulties

Individuals targeted by stalkers

Parties involved in legal disputes

Anyone with access to sensitive information

Whistleblowers exposing irregularities

Informants and Witnesses assisting Law Enforcement prosecutions

Companies launching new products

High profile celebrities

How Euro-Tec can help

If you suspect you may be at risk you can contact us in the knowledge that we can carry out appropriate measures to establish the truth of any unusual circumstances you may be experiencing and are suspicious of. We do this by first entering into consultation with you to establish your concerns, following which we will recommend specific courses of action where appropriate.

Euro-Tec Anti Spy Solutions can include:

Searching for electronic devices in vehicles and buildings.

Checking telephones both landlines and mobiles, also advising on protective methods of being secure.

If appropriate and proportionate, carrying out research into the activities of specific suspects.

Computer and cyber security analysis.

Contacting Euro-Tec

In the normal course of events contacting Euro-Tec would simply be a case of sending an email or telephoning.  However as your reason for contacting us is based on the fact you suspect someone is monitoring your activities, we would recommend you take steps to get in touch with us via an alternative telephone/mobile, computer/email, or trusted third party to avoid alerting the perpetrator.

If in doubt call Euro-Tec out

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