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If your organisation is engaged in the administration and/or Probate of a deceased person’s Estate then our Probate Research Service may be of interest to you.  We are security cleared for duties in connection with the following:

House Searches

For evidence of relatives, financial assets and personal documents such as Wills. N.B. This does not constitute a full house clearance, which is not something we do.

Bogus Wills

If you suspect a Will is bogus we can investigate and supply appropriate testimony to assist a case.


If a deceased person’s property has been taken over by Squatters we can assist by way of identifying the unauthorised occupant(s), and serving Legal Notices to regain possession.

Identity Verification

If you have received notification from an individual purporting to be a next of kin or distant relative and there is a suspicion they might be bogus, then Euro-Tec Investigation Service  will be able to verify their identity.


All House Searches are carried out by two Investigators and any documents removed are held in a secure environment until they are handed over to the Client. All documents taken into our possession are carefully itemised within our Reports. No third party has access to such information. Clients are welcome to examine Euro-Tec’s facilities and carry out their own Security Audit.

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