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Investigation Service

Established 1968

50 Years of Excellence and Best Practise

Solicitors, Public and Private Sector Organisations seeking to serve legal documents are regular users of Euro-Tec Investigation Service, whose experience covers all aspects of Civil, Criminal and Commercial Litigation. Euro-Tec provides its Process Serving service across the whole of the UK.

Simply pass us the necessary documents and they will be served immediately. We are fully aware such legal papers will have specific deadlines attached, so once Service has been concluded the necessary proof of Service will be prepared and our report submitted to you without delay.

Examples of legal documents served:-

- Contempt of Court Proceedings

- Witness Summonses

- Subpoenas

- Statutory Demands

- Bankruptcy Petitions

- Winding Up Petitions etc, etc .......

- Summonses

- Attachment of Earnings

- Oral Examinations

- Notices to Quit

- Committal to Prison Orders

- Injunctions

Euro-Tec PROCESS SERVING  - UK Private Investigators & Detectives  HQ Surrey, London providing a UK & European Investigation Service Investigations, Due Diligence, Missing Persons, Surveillance | Solicitors Enquiry Agents

Process Serving

Euro-Tec Investigation Service

The Malthouse

Off Hummer Road


Surrey TW20 9BD




Telephone:  +44 (0)1344 842162

Secure CJSM E-mail for registered users: gary.murray@eurotec.cjsm.net


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Euro-Tec Investigation Service are UK Private Investigators, UK Private Detectives, UK Enquiry Agents, UK Solicitors Enquiry Agents, UK Process Servers, UK Paralegals. Euro-Tec Investigation Service and Litigation Support are Surrey UK based Private Investigators, Surrey Private Detectives who cover the whole of the UK and worldwide.  Euro-Tec are Investigators for UK Government, Corporate and Legal Profession Clients. Euro-Tec are UK Investigators for Solicitors & the Legal Profession UK worldwide, Euro-Tec are also known to the Legal Profession in the UK as Enquiry Agents & Solicitors Enquiry Agents. Euro-Tec based in Surrey near London are UK Process Servers providing a UK wide Process Serving capability. Euro-Tec offers a Europe wide Private Investigator service & World Wide Private Investigator service to the legal profession and corporate clients.