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Clients requiring evidence for presentation in a Court of Law can entrust such a task to Euro-Tec knowing full well that a discreet, fully equipped covert surveillance team is available UK wide to legally record events as they occur. Organisations requiring to monitor individuals suspected of illegal activity can also avail themselves of this service.

To discreetly keep watch on a subject of investigation requires not only patience but also various expertise, including a 'sixth sense'. After over 48+ years in the business, we feel that we are ideally suited to covert Surveillance of individuals and organisations.

The Euro-Tec system is based on logic and simplicity. We do not rely on costly-to-install electronic equipment, on the contrary we utilise the vigilance and capability of our skilled operatives. We do, however, use the latest digital video and still cameras along with suitable audio recorders when required. Surveillance can either be static or mobile, depending on the client's requirements. All surveillance operations are preceded by a reconnaissance and Risk Assessment, after which a Tactical Plan is drawn up.

Types of Surveillance operations:

-  Suspected bogus insurance claims

-  Monitoring of groups or individuals engaged in illegal activity

-  Misconduct of employees or business colleagues

-  Personal Injury Verification

-  Protection of vulnerable persons

-  Suspected misrepresentation of circumstances by individuals

-  Protection of business or private premises

-  General intelligence gathering

Please note: we do not under any circumstances undertake to illegally tap telephones, bug premises, or supply legally protected confidential information.  All surveillance operations must be justifiable and proportionate.


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